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95_04_January_2019online Welcome to Annaliese Huxster December has been unusually busy, with sales and offers throughout the month. Historical patterns tend towards a decline of business as the month heads towards Christmas – but not this year. Q4 will show high levels of activity and values remaining stable. If the current trend of sales outstrips supply, we may start to see a fi rming of values into next year. This remains to be seen, but the effects of local and external factors will have a bearing on sales and values in Q1 2019. In general terms we are more optimistic in terms of activity and sales going forward that we were a year ago. It’s been a great 2018 for Martel Maides, with Savills coming onboard, we will have the very best in terms of service and market coverage for our clients and buyers in 2019. We hope all our clients, applicants and business associates have had a happy Christmas season and have a successful New Year.

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