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8_12_February_2018online Buying a home for the first time: How long does it take to save a deposit? Inheritance tax planning Sales property of the month Chimni teams up with Andrew Nunn Associates Potential first-time buyers must typically save for eight years to afford a deposit to buy a home, data suggests.A typical 20% deposit in London is now more than £80,000, according to the Nationwide Building Society. If you are in the position where you have residential property which you are likely to gift to children or grandchildren then now maybe an opportune moment to start the ball rolling. With the sales market being relatively subdued a “conservative but sensible” market value could be beneficial. For further information contact Andrew Nunn on 020 8995 1500 or This fabulous family house has been the subject of a meticulous refurbishment and now offers excellent family accommodation over three floors. Located just behind Turnham Green the property is ideally positioned being only a few minutes walk to the Chiswick High Road with its extensive shopping facilities and a plethora of restaurants. £2,200,000 freehold. Chiswick based tech start-up Chimni is teaming up with several West London Estate Agents to trial a new online home management tool that could link homeowners directly into estate agent software and eventually let them control the profile of their home on the major property portals. The process of managing a home has become increasingly complicated in the digital world and this often comes to a head the moment people try and sell. Chimni aims to help homeowners get ‘sales ready’ and to help them participate in a process that is rapidly digitising. Every year 200k house sales fall through in the UK because the seller can’t find the required paperwork. Chimni addresses that by providing templated systems to help the homeowner store and manage key information and documentation. The local agents have been recruited to understand how the Chimni Logs can improve the sales process for homeowners. The agents are investigating how to smooth the process of signing up new homes by helping customers become ‘sales ready’. The long term plan for Chimni is to link the logs directly into the sales software. The agents are recruiting customers interested in using a new digital tool to support their sales. Each homeowner will be given a Chimni Log and get help from Chimni to assemble documentation and records. The agents will share the insight generated by Chimni’s research into how the Chimni Logs are used. For the first stage of the trial, integration with agency systems will be handled manually, giving the Chimni design team a chance to optimise their plans to integrate. “Its a great chance to take part in some innovative product research aimed at helping the homeowner navigate the digital chaos that has been created around them” said Nigel Walley of Chimni.

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